Make a Statement – Custom Door Mats

We bet you would be surprised to hear that there are custom doormats. Doormats are the first impression that your guests will get of your home and they are useful, since they prevent dirt entering into your home. Looking for an idea? Keep on reading.

What are custom doormats?

The doormat of your house is the first impression people get of your house. No matter your home is designed specially for you and it has designer furniture or expensive chandeliers. It will all be destroyed by that ugly, filthy and torn doormat in front of your house. Or, imagine, a world-class hotel with dirty and unattractive doormat. Noting can erase such negative first impression. Having understood the importance of good doormat, here are few ideas. Custom doormats are specialized doormats made according to client’s preference. Doormats manufacturers offer a great variety of custom doormats. You can have them made of polypropylene or rubber, machine-made or hand-made; the options are limitless.

What can I have on my custom doormat?

The answer depends on your imagination; manufacturers can do anything. Your custom doormat can be a drawing of your children or their favorite cartoon character. You can make a statement with your doormat, having one which will say something, such as the good old “welcome“, but there are few more funny ideas, such as custom doormats saying “oh, not you again“, “go away“, “beer served, you’re on time“, “just wipe it“, I got this doormat for my wife. It was good trade“, “WOW, nice underwear! “, “Hello, my name is Mat, Doormat“, and many others. Pretty funny, isn’t it? You can order doormat with picture of your children, picture of your pet, specially designed name and last name, the address of your home; you can have a doormat in the shape of postcard; doormat with any animal you want; doormat in the shape of heart; doormat with Hollywood Walk of Fame star with your last name on and many, many other interesting ideas. You can even get a doormat with your favorite baseball player or your favorite football team.

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Holiday custom doormats

What can be more beautiful and interesting than a funky and crazy custom doormat in front of your home during holiday season? Your guests will be pleasantly surprised. You can order doormat with a picture of Santa Claus. Maybe even a photo of your darling and you wearing Santa Claus hats. Other idea would be to have interesting Thanksgiving doormat, or 4th of July firework doormat. Custom doormat is also great idea for gift for the loved ones. Wait for the special occasion and surprise your friends with custom-made doormat. Such doormats can say “it’s my birthday, get in“ to wish happy birthday to your best friend at her birthday party or “happy birthday, Mom“ for your mother. She will surely be proud to have you as her child and it is the best way to show how great you are to her friends. Custom doormats are unique and fun gifts. We guarantee that nobody else will think of this idea. We have shown few interesting ideas. Use your imagination and incorporate it in your doormat. It will give unique statement, creating beautiful impression of your home and it will keep your home clean. Great idea!

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