Epoxy Concrete Floor Paint

If you are thinking about painting your garage floor, the read our article. Here, we will explain you what types of floor paints are there and what is the best type of paint for garage floors, and of course, we will give you instructions where to buy paint online. The best type of paint for concrete floors is the epoxy concrete floor paint. Epoxy floor paints were first used back in the 1950s, but the most important ingredient that makes epoxy paints what they actually are was added twenty years later. This secret ingredient is the cycloaliphatic curing agents which are usually added to the epoxy resin ingredients. Since they first appeared on the market, epoxy floor paint is one of the widest used types of paints due to its resistance to different weather conditions, resistance to water spotting and blushing, resistance to water, moisture and mold, as well as its improved chemical resistance. Epoxy Concrete Floor Paint Today, cycloaliphatic epoxy coatings and paints are used for painting of basement floors and walls, garage floors, floors in industrial or commercial facilities, patios, wooden floors and all other surfaces that require efficient protection against mold and water. The best type of epoxy concrete pain is the one called 100% solids epoxy paint. This term actually indicates the volume of solids found in the coating, that is, the coat formed once the paint dries. 100% solids epoxy paints provide much better insulation and protection than, for example, 50% solids epoxy paint. However, be careful when buying epoxy paint, because the majority of paints contain only 30-40% solids. We can recommend you several web sites where you could learn more about the different types of epoxy paint and where you can buy epoxy paint online: www.thisoldhouse.com, www.epoxy-coat.com and www.homedepot.com.

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