Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coating is a commonly used and very practical way of protecting a floor that needs resistance and durability. It is usually applied in garages, basements, industrial buildings, work areas or in bathrooms due to its anti-slipping properties. The demand for this kind of flooring is constantly growing because it has proven to be practical, efficient and secure. Epoxy floor coating consists of liquid polymers that become solid due to a chemical reaction. A floor like this is very hygienic and easy to maintain, but is also resistant enough to bear heavy vehicle traffic, which is why it has very versatile use – form bakeries to airports and warehouses.

Quality and performance

During the years of usage, epoxy floor coating has proven to be the best choice for floors that need extra protection. It lasts for many years and provides an exceptional resistance to moisture, dust, acid reaction or large weights, which makes it the perfect choice for industrial applications. There are probably no dissatisfied customers and everyone that has this kind of flooring recommends it further with no exceptions. Epoxy floor coating also has an esthetic value because it makes any space brighter due to its ability to reflect light. It is not expensive, but does not look cheap at all and it works perfectly for both interior and exterior needs.

Application of epoxy floor coating

Applying epoxy floor coating is not more difficult than painting walls… anyone could do it! Before the application, you’ll need to prepare the floor by cleaning it well, so the epoxy could bond well to it. The kit you bought probably has an application guide inside. Just follow the rules and you won’t have any problems. You can also find detailed guides online that will show you how he process is done with pictures and everything to make the application clearer. If you’re not the do-it-yourself kind of man, just hire an epoxy floor coating and you’ll get the job done without having to dirty your hands. You can find information about contractors that apply this kind of flooring at the place you bought it, or on the Internet. Let them do their job and you will have your perfect durable floor in short time.


Cleaning the epoxy floor

Once you get your epoxy floor coating, you’ll realize that cleaning is no longer a difficult commitment, bit something that you’ll do without any effort, in a very short time and even with pleasure. The floor will not need waxing or polishing, because the top coat is already very protective and durable. You can clean it with any kind of anti-bacterial cleaner and water, and you’ll get a constantly shiny, but non-slippery surface. You may also buy a special detergent intended for epoxy cleaning. The epoxy floor coating is free of any pockets, pores or cracks and it won’t be able to capture the dirt and bacteria and by that you get a hygienic surface that is effortless to maintain. Congratulations on your choice!

epoxy floor coating

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