Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Reviews

A few months ago, we bought a great new house in the suburbs and it came with a lot of surrounding land. My wife loved it and my kids were thrilled with the space and yard they had to play in. We were living in the city since we got married, so this was quite a big, but positive change for all of us. The only problem was that the place had no garage. At that time we saw that as an advantage, as we were able to decrease the price of the house for a respectable amount of money simply because of that exact reason. I was also counting on my skills, as I think of myself as a bit of a handyman. Along with my brother I built a brand new assistive building that should be enough for the two cars that I and my wife drive. We ordered and installed the door which I found on the Internet; and all in all I was quite pleased with all the work we had done. The only thing that bugged me was the flour in our newly built garage. When I am not quite satisfied, I tend to fix things until they achieve perfection. I got a suggestion from one of my friends for epoxy garage floor coating, so I went to check it on the internet. I was searching for epoxy garage floor coating reviews. It is a material that’s tough to set up, but in the end I went for it. There was some hard work, but I don’t regret it for one bit. My new garage beads water and can be cleaned very easily. Additionally, it can’t get any permanent damage from oil stains. The best part is that my wife likes it too because of the unique look.

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