Ford Car Mats

When you buy a new car, you probably want to keep it pristine clean as long as possible. However, this is not always possible, mostly because of the fact no one keeps the streets pristine clean, so there is a high chance of you stepping into some doo-doo, getting into your car and messing your car mat. Fortunately, car mats have a single purpose of protecting the fixed carpet below it, which isn’t really easy to remove and wash, as many people think. Your car mat, on the other hand, is easy to remove and clean. Depending on which car you own, there are different systems of attaching these mats to the floor of your car and some are simply slammed to the floor, without any attaching systems. These usually come with an adhesive bottom section which helps prevent sliding and general movement of the carpet during driving sessions. I noticed that ford car mats do have a great little system for attaching which relies on little knobs, so you can easily get your carpet out of the car, clean it and then put it back in.

Cleaning car mats

There are multiple ways of cleaning your car mats. I prefer to have every single one manually cleaned as you can visually inspect it as well and change it if it is worn out. Some people prefer to have their ford car mats cleaned automatically in a washing machine, which is actually a very efficient and quick way of washing your mats, but I don’t recommend you to do this with any carpets that come with some plastic or metal parts. Rubber mats are possibly the easiest ones to clean, but they aren’t aesthetically pleasing as those made out of fabric, at least while they are still clean. If you tend to dirt up your mats quickly and often, my honest recommendation for you is to get a rubber mat. These can be cleaned with a water hose, and I’m not joking, so it’s a great way to preserve the bottom carpet of your car and still, you won’t be doing anything extra to accomplish that.

Ford Car Mats

Custom ford car mats

Ford is a well known manufacturer of family sedans, but they also have some sports cars in their lineup as well. People purchasing these cars expect to get plenty of custom made stuff and yes, if you get a RS Ford, you will get all custom ford car mats that can be made out of aluminum or textured rubber. These are also the most expensive ones to get in aftermarket, but are on high demands you might even get some special car mats for your car. Make sure that you have the proper assets to clean them up properly, because you might want to resell them after a while – perhaps they won’t fit your new car, or you would like to get a new mat.

Purchasing car mats

If you’re in the market for car mats, my honest advice would be to stick with eBay. Browse through your local division of eBay and try to find some carpets that you will find pleasing. Custom ford car mats can be found easily in Germany, but be prepared to pay a premium price for them, because they are after all limited production.

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