Garage Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy is a product used to coat various things. In case you decide on getting garage Epoxy floor coating what you get is a floor that not only looks nice, clean and kind of professional, but it also beads water, is oil stain resistant and is as easy to clean as a kitchen counter. It is incredibly easy to do if you follow these steps, and for the price of about 70 dollars per box, you can even save up. It even has antiskid additives which help your traction during winter. Before applying the coating, make sure you have taken the proper measures and made your choices as preparation is very important. The surface you put Epoxy on must be even yet slightly rough, meaning no cracks or potholes allowed. Do not use it on fresh concrete, and 60 days old or more is usually the recommended time to work with it. If your floor already has some sort of a sealer, you need to remove it before applying Epoxy as well as thoroughly clean it from any grease etc. Things like color and antiskid additives are sold separately so if you want them, make sure you buy them and calculate the amount you will need for the surface of your garage floor. Garage Epoxy Floor Coating The best time to apply Epoxy is on a dry day and you do it by mixing it with hardener and work fast. One you apply the first layer, you need to wait 12 to 24 hours to apply the next, and once the whole process is complete, you need to wait usually 72 hours more before you park in the car. Make sure you secure the walls and areas you do not wish to cover with Epoxy by something like plastic sheeting. Protective wear is a must, things like glasses, boots, gloves etc. as this is a chemical solution. Wet the floor before you start working and once you pour a bit of the solution on it, scrub the area. Once you have done so with the entire garage, start rinsing the floor until the water from it runes clear again. Then allow it to dry as instructed above. Apply a new coating, and at this point add in color or antiskid to the mixture if you like. Keep the garage ventilated and do the work fast. Once you are done with that, you can apply yet another coat or not, and remember to wait a few days more before driving in your car.

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