Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti fatigue mats for kitchen use are designed in order to reduce the tiredness caused by standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time, for example cement floors. They are often made of various materials like rubber, vinyl etc. These mats decrease foot tiredness for people who stand in the same position for hours; and they offer a high slip-resistance in wet or greasy areas. Standing on a hard surface for many hours can create stress in the workplace and can cause serious fatigue and poor concentration as well. Fatigue related problems are factors in work-related injuries and accidents, thus these mats can make the environment a lot safer and they can also improve worker performance, health, productivity and morale. Made from treated rubber or vinyl, vinyl sponge or foam, the anti fatigue mats are very thick and are non-flammable. These mats can be treated in order to resist chemicals, grease, moisture and other elements. Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mats Kitchen anti fatigue mats keep food preparation and busy kitchen areas dry, clean and safe for all workers, since they create a flexible and resilient walking surface that is both comfortable and slip-resistant. Debris and water will drain below the walking surface. These mats improve the working environment, reduce the possibility of falls and slips and most importantly – they add comfort. The anti fatigue mats for kitchens are very easy to clean. They also feature beveled edges for enhanced safety and traction. In conclusion, the multi-purpose kitchen mats provide kitchen drainage, slip resistant surface and anti-fatigue benefits.

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