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You have surely been in a situation when you have been cleaning your car for hours, and your children got in and the car is in total mess! Think about the long hours spend cleaning, vacuum cleaning, wiping the windows and now it is all ruined. The solution is to buy floor mats. But, not any floor mat, but Nifty catch all floor mats.

Nifty catch all floor mats

It is so annoying to see your new car in a mess. Coffee and crumbs of the floor, dirt, mess in the trunk. This can all be resolved. Nifty catch all floor mats offer both, protection for your car floors and trunk and beautiful appearance. These products come in regular, but also in luxurious version which will surely protect your car, SUV, pickup or truck.

Nifty catch all floor mats- range of products

Nifty catch all floor mats provide both, protection for your passenger and the cargo area. These products are excellent for mothers driving their children to soccer practices, businessperson driving his business partners to meetings or taxi drivers. They are also excellent manner to protect your cargo area or your van if you are working with transportation of goods. Nifty catch all floor mats range from Catch-It Vinyl Floor Mat, Catch-It Carpet, Catch-All Front 2-Piece, Catch-All 2nd and 3rd Row, Catch-all Center Hump, Catch-all Second Row, Catch-all Plus Front One Piece, Catch-all Rear Cargo, Cargo-logic Totes, Nifty Cargo-logic, Fan Floor Mat, Cargo Logic For Trucks, Catch-all Xtreme 2nd & 3rd Row, Catch-all Xtreme Center Hump, Catch-all Xtreme Front 2-pc Set, Catch-all Xtreme Plus Frt-1 Pc, Catch-all Xtreme Rear Cargo to Catch-all Xtreme Second Row.

nifty catch all floor mats

Why are Nifty catch all floor mats the best protective floor mats for your car?

Nifty catch all floor mats are the best protective product intended for the interior of your car, sports car, SUV, pickup and truck. These products are made of the best possible fabrics (tough Vyram material) and are far from slippery. You can forget about the long hours spent in cutting, measuring and customizing the carpets to fit your car, which were hanging outside the doors and slipping every time you sat in your car. Nifty catch all floor mats are custom made to fit your car model. They are easy to clean and are resistant to all types of stains, dirt, snow, chemicals etc. They also have channels which collect the moisture, spills and fluids and dirt and channel them away from your shoes. Nifty catch all floor mats come in few colours, gray, black or tan to meet your needs and have lifetime manufacturer warranty. The Nifty Catch-All Xtreme range of products is intended for extreme conditions. These products made of XynetTM, a custom-molded thermoplastic material and are practically resistant to anything, starting from water, snow, mud, grease to cracking, splitting or breaking. Cargo Logic products are intended for vehicles for transportation such as pickups and trucks. They come in few sizes which fit cargo areas. These products are resistant to stain and moisture protection and provide protection for both, the cargo area in your vehicle and the goods you transport. In this manner, you can protect your products against cross contamination, especially in the case of transportation of food. Nifty catch all floor mats provide great protection for your car, at the same time, giving neat, organized and beautiful appearance.

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