How to Choose Office Chair Mats for Carpet

If you are interested in renewing your office and bring a breath of fresh air by replacing the old chair mats with new ones, there are few things you need to consider before you place your order. I am not talking about forming a committee to decide on the possible choices, but there are some choices to be made which ask for thorough investigation. When you are choosing an office chair mats for carpet covered office area, you should take into consideration the depth of the carpet. You must purchase a mat which is robust and also you need to carefully revise that the chair mat’s spikes are long enough to keep the mat in one place, yet not too long so they will penetrate the carpet and ruin the floor. Office Chair Mats for Carpet You must be thinking that it is a rocket science to measure the depth of the carpet. Actually, it is not: you will take one staple, straighten it out and insert it all the way through the carpet till it hits the floor. Mark the place where the staple ends with your finger, take out the staple, measure it with tape measure and write down the numbers. When you make your final decision on chair mats, make sure to buy the ones which spikes are about half of the depth of the office carpet. If in your place of work there are lots of electronic devices, you have to make sure to buy anti-static chair mats, otherwise the static filed may cause damaged to the electronic equipment.

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