The First Impression of Your Home – Outdoor Entrance Mats

Maybe it seems that the outdoor entrance mats is the last on your mind. You have moved to a new house, so you have many projects related to house decoration, furniture shopping, problems with the plumbing, problems with the electricity, broken windows… Maybe it seems that the selection of the perfect doormat is not among your priorities, but we assure you that well-chosen doormat will give excellent first impression of you new house.

Outdoor entrance mats- how to choose

There are plenty of outdoor entrance mats to choose from. There are high traffic mats, which are made of fade-proof polypropylene surface fiber, which are excellent for places with high rate of traffic, such as entrance of shops, administrative buildings, shopping centers, hotels etc. Another great option is the Aqua-Hog Classic doormats, which have waffle pattern surface, whose purpose is to absorb the dirt and prevent its dispersion, and black rubber borders to prevent it from displacement. The Aqua-Hog Diamond outdoor entrance mats have rubber-reinforced surface with parquet pattern which is excellent in trapping and absorbing dirt and moisture. This type of doormat is very elegant and is resistant to UV rays, thus making it fade resistant. The Aqua-Hog Diamond doormats are equipped with rubber backing to prevent them from displacement and slipping. Another option is the Aqua-Hog Diamond Dual Fan outdoor entrance mats. They are suitable for double-door entrances, hotels or other places with high traffic. This type of doormats has polypropylene surface and premium rubber backing to keep them in place. Additional advantage is the manner of cleaning, which is easy and convenient, just use a hose to wash it or simply clean it using a vacuum cleaner or steam. The Aqua-Hog Fan doormats are excellent solution for your home. They are durable, easy to clean and very elegant due to the fan shape.

Logo outdoor entrance mats

Outdoor entrance mats come in many shape, colors and materials. Doormats manufacturers offer the possibility for printing the logo of your company, hotel, medical practices etc. on the doormat entrance mats of your choice.

Customized outdoor entrance mats

Outdoor entrance mats manufacturers offer customized doormats. This means that you can choose the design and the material for your doormat to make it unique. Customized outdoor entrance mats come as WaterHog entrance mats, rubber backed, vinyl backed, outdoor rubber scraper mats, extra wide custom entrance mats, tire-link outside entrance mats, vynagrip outdoor drainage mats, crown-tread rubber outdoor mats and many others. You can buy entrance mat with your last name on it, or the last name of your family. You can add some personal note or you can also buy specially made personalized holiday entrance mats, with any drawing and application you prefer. You can even give a task to your children to draw something that could be on your new doormat. Outdoor entrance mats have double function. First, they are the first impression guests get for your house and it is the perfect way to stop dirt and moisture getting into your house. Now, it is worth investing in new doormat, don’t you think?

Outdoor entrance mats

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