Pirelli Rubber Flooring

Everybody knows about the big auto-motor tire Pirelli brand, but did you know that they also collaborate within the flooring department. Yes, they have some business fingers in this field of production also. It is not that big of a surprise since this industry is pretty bit and there is lot of  money to be earned. Rubber is in their blood so to speak, so they did a logical step forward in making their brand more reputable on the market with even more variety. They did that with a new product line of pirelli rubber flooring which they are not manufacturing producing so to speak, but rather designing the whole concept of it.  Basically it is a rubber covering with little circles which are a bit raised from the ground level, like some kind of texture. Most of the time you can see it used in environment with big hallways, school and such, ordinations, warehouses or even hospitals. They are very easy to clean up (that is way you will see it very often in workshops and hospitals) and somewhat affordable comparing it to the parquet or modern tiles. Their installation to the floor is pretty much simple and painful, but mostly importantly, very fast to do. They also usually come into rolled form that lay down perfectly lengthwise using special form of glue dumped beneath them. Taking all things into consider, this kind of rubber flooring, especially the one signed with a famous brand name designer, has a pretty good value ratio with considerable amount of practically.


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